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HGH X2 – Legal Somatropin

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HGH-X2 Crazy Bulk Somatropin Review – What do you expect from the combination of HGH X2 Somatropin and intense training? If that includes lean hot muscle and burn unwanted fat, then you are in the right room.

Being a non-preservative alternative of Somatropin or Recombinant Human Growth Hormone, this product possesses the ability to slim you down, using the natural process inside the body.

Product Description

hgh x2 somatropin pills
Just in case you are not familiar yet with HGH X2 by Crazybulk’s, it is a brand new name to sell legal Somatropin alternative.

This natural growth hormone supplements are gaining popularity among bodybuilders for its fast action to cut your fat layers.

Even athletes who need to grow the muscle mass or lose weight often rely on this hormone supplement.

Another benefit of Crazy Bulk Somatropin is its muscle gains. It is not just “muscle”, but “quality muscle”. What makes the difference?

Muscle formed by the other supplements is layered on top of existed muscle or altered from body fat. In Somatropinne case, your body forms new muscle layers from the inside.

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HGH X2 Ingredients and How It Works

hgh x2 ingredients
There are three main components inside Crazy Bulk HGH X2. The first two are Maca or Lepidium Meyenll and the seed of Mucuna pruriens, each takes 100mg of the total composition.

The nature power is taken from natural fruit: Hawthorn Berry. 75Mg of this ingredient is found inside the supplement.

The manufacturer of HGH X2 Somatropinne diligently finds the perfect mixture of these trios in order to provide the maximum result. They work together as stimulator to pituitary gland, instructing it to release more HGH to the blood stream.

Why do you need more? Because in the natural cycle, this hormone is decreasing as you get older. This hormone is a natural and powerful anabolic, which can push the growth of healthy muscle, the production of protein, and the alteration of energy sources.

In the normal term, your body digests food and convert it to energy. While consuming HGH-X2 from Crazy Bulk, your body will change the system.

Instead of processing food, Somatropin eats out all the excess fat inside the body. This process won’t stop until all the fat layers have disappeared. Don’t be afraid of being lethargic.

Another benefit is the rapid recovery after the workout, granting you top body condition in each workout session.

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Stacking and Dosing

crazy bulk hgh-x2 stack legal steroids results
You may think that consuming HGH X2 alone is enough. Well, if the result is good enough for you, then you can stop.

Those who aim for better and higher achievement should look for extra supplements. Get what you desire with these three suggested supplements, also from Crazy Bulk: Winsol, Clenbutrol, and Trenorol.

Since losing fat is the dream of both women and men, HGH X2 should be paired with another hormonal supplement which could fit for both genders. Among all the offers, Winsol is the best bet you can make.
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After gaining natural muscle, make it bigger. Prioritized by athletes and bodybuilder, this amazing pair aims for monster bulk.

What is the point of having a fast recovery if you can’t last long in each workout session? Let HGH-X2 Somatropin does its job to recover your muscle and extend your endurance with Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol).

In addition to this benefit, you will lose fat even faster. This superb supplement raises internal body temperature and burns fat.
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If you are not keen on Winsol then another suitable pair for HGH X2 is Trenorol. It helps you to experience less pain after the workout.

Trenorol combats what is called muscle fatigue. Your muscle will recover in a short time and your body condition would be on the top.
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Here is the basic guideline of the dosage. You should consume two capsules of HGH X2 per day. Don’t forget to take it 20 minutes before breakfast.

The minimum cycle for this special hormone releaser is two months. During the cycle, plan your exercise and diet carefully.

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HGH X2 results

hgh x2 before after crazy bulk results
I’ve been using your HGH-X2 and Winsol for 30 days now.* I cannot explain how much I love the product.

The gains and results I’ve seen from it are unreal.

My goal is to be 225lbs with a visible 6 pack. I started out 30 days ago at 200lbs and not much muscle definition whatsoever. I am now happily at 216lbs with much greater definition and veins popping out everywhere.

I gained a good 16lbs in 30 days while becoming leaner! I feel like a beast!*

I keep a log of all the max weights on every exercise every single workout. I am going to put the numbers below for how much I could lift before I started crazy bulk and then what I can lift now. So happy!

Biceps/triceps visibly bigger, shoulders stronger and more defined. Vascularity in forearms, biceps shot through the roof.

My strength gains in every single lift shot through the roof. I feel like a monster on this stuff(and starting to look like one)…will continue to buy over and over again. Every time I set foot in the gym I lfted more weight than I did previously.

Barbell Bench Press before: 235lbs x 6 reps
Barbell Bench Press now: 275lbs x 4 reps

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press before: 80lbs x 10 reps
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press now: 110lbs x 4 reps

Incline Dumbbell Flys before: 60lbs x 6 reps
Incline Dumbbell Flys now: 80lbs x 4

Weighted Triceps Dips before: 90lbs x 9
Weighted Triceps Dips now: 120lbs x 9

Deadlifts before: 315lbs x 6 reps
Deadlifts now: 365lbs x 6 reps

Dumbbell Curls before: 55lbs x 6 reps
Dumbbell Curls now: 65lbs x 5 reps

Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press before: 55lbs x 8 reps
Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press now: 80lbs x 4 reps

Machine Military Press before: 140lbs x 5 reps
Machine Military Press now: 205lbs x 12 reps (Shoulder strength has EXPLODED!)

Roy, Texas

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Pros and Cons


  • Lose Fat
    One of the irresistible promises from HGH X2 is its ability to cut out fat using a technique proposed by your own body. Your system will process the fat first and turn it into energy. This way, you could skip that disturbing fat and make it a worthy muscle layers.
  • Get Lean Muscle
    Even though this goal is similar to any other supplement out there, HGH X2 offers something more: natural muscle. It helps to grow the muscle, not to form one upon the initial layer. Only you can feel the difference.
  • Skip Muscle Fatigue
    The magic power from this HGH booster supplements enables your muscle to work harder and better. How? It is by giving rapid, almost immediate recovery.
  • Fix Muscle Problems
    This is what you might not expect from this popular human growth hormone supplement. Somatropin helps its users to reach their peak condition. It means that the muscle problem will be fixed, and your performance will be upgraded.


  • Increase Appetite
    Since the stored fat is burned by Crazy Bulk HGH X2, the expected effect is starving. You will end up eating more during the cycle. Even though it won’t add the number of your weight, it is quite difficult to hold the impulse to eat.
  • Fit Diet
    Considering the first side effect, you cannot just starve yourself in two months cycle. Set a high protein diet, and make sure it benefits you to hold hunger, which probably takes you to several heavy snacks per day.

Price and Value

hgh x2 review crazy bulk somatropin Thanks for the good words from loyal users, HGH X2 is raising as one of the popular product.

Per bottle will cost you around $59.99s. You will get 60 capsules, which could be your staple supplement for precisely 30 days.

Remember that you have to take two capsules daily before breakfast.

In short, you will spend around $119.98, purchasing two bottles of HGH X2 Somatropin for full two months cycle. Not to mention, the pair of products, you eyed on.

You could get this HGH pills through over the counter or at the online store, but it is always good to have the comparison. Try to visit Amazon, GNC, Walmart or Reddit under legal steroids categories.

There is nothing better than a natural process. If you can get a product that combines natural ingredients to support the natural process inside the body system, why would you turn it down? You are lucky to learn about it ahead of everyone.

It is your chance to get top quality muscle with no fat. What are you waiting for? Grab your HGH-X2 and start the cycle now!

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