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Anvarol Anavar Steroid Alternative Review

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Anvarol Anavar Steroid Alternative – Aim for great muscle shape with Anvarol. It plays great supporting role in the circle, maximizing the potential growth of the cell. At the same time, you will experience incredible strength during physical training session. In the end, you will get total muscle formation. Dig a little bit more about this legal anavar alternative by Crazybulk’s.

About Anvarol

Crazy bulk anvarol reviews legal anavar steroids pills If you are familiar with bodybuilding supplements called Anavar steroid, then you shouldn’t worry too much about the components inside each capsule of Crazy Bulk Anavar.

This is just commercial name given by its manufacturer. It brings you more than just great and lean muscle shape. Show off the muscle curve proudly.

Look at the specification label carefully. Some costumers may restrain themselves to buy certain product because it is made for specific gender.

A good news for you: Crazy Bulk Anvarol is suitable for man and woman. Gain not only confidence with new body shape, but also powerful strength and abundant energy.

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Anvarol Ingredients and How It Works
anvarol ingredients

Great supplements come from perfect ingredients and how each of them does its own job. The main ingredients from Anvarol is wild yam root, which takes up to 50mg from the total composition.

To upgrade your muscle mass, 300mg of soy protein isolate and whey protein concentrate is also mixed in. They are the hidden card for excellent performance.

Some other important elements are 75mg of BCAA and 40mg of ATP. The great Anvarol ingredient duo has great compatibility to supply more adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in your body. How? It’s by stocking phosphocreatine for your cells. Even though ATP is naturally produced by your body, it only provides enough for short period contraction.

Additional substance is required for longer muscle endurance while performing daily workout. This is where Crazy Bulk Anvarol strikes. The substance stimulates the phosphocreatine levels to produce more ATP. Feel the never ending energy and maximize every second of your workout.

One more amazing thing you could expect is losing great amount of fat. Moreover, you will not have any water retention. There will be no bloating effects, or bulking muscle containing muscle mixed with water. Rest assure, you will only get pure and lean muscle.

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Stacking, Dosing, and Taste

crazy bulk anavar anvarol stack for cutting cycle
There is always higher goal, no exception with Crazy Bulk Anvarol. If you are not satisfied enough with lean and dense muscle, then you need to stack more supplements to go along with it. There are three recommended products for better result and performance: Winsol, Clenbutrol and Trenorol.

Besides Anvarol, another supplement that could work for both genders is Winsol. It is usually consumed by professional sportsmen and bodybuilders. These people aim for gigantic result, the monster muscle. It goes along well with Anvarol, boosting the efficiency during the cycle. The bonus benefits are super strength and flash speed.

A charming potential from Crazy Bulk Anvarol is its long endurance option and its ability to cut fat in the most efficient way. Clenbutrol supports this system as well. Instead of burning fat through intense workout, this excellent supplement burns the fat using body temperature. With that said, your excessive fat would be decreasing rapidly.

This is another great pair for Anvarol, aiming for bulky muscle: Trenorol. Several hours after working out, you will experience muscle fatigue. With this supplement, you could skip this pain.

It promises you fast healing process, which then promotes better physical condition. One thing for sure: you will get every points mentioned in short term period.

The daily dose for Anvarol is three capsules per day, taken 45 minutes before working out. The minimum cycle is two months, balanced with suitable diets and scheduled intense workout. However, the physical activities should not stop right after the cycle.

Anvarol Results


before after anvarol crazy bulk anavar results
I planned to gain 10-15 lbs on my bench and squat.

My bench and squat increased by 10lbs each which is satisfactory!

Also I lost 2% body fat! I almost reached all of my goals.

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Pros and Cons


  • Legal And Safe Product
    What Crazy Bulk Anvarol gives to your body is a natural product. Each capsule has passed strict FDA rules and requirements. Therefore, you could expect a lot of positive effects only.
  • Less Side Effect
    The advanced processing system applied to Crazy Bulk Anvarol cuts all the terrifying side effects commonly found in pure chemical bound. Minimum side effect is the normal thing for this enhanced technology.
  • Amazing Physical Performance
    Some users share their experience while consuming this sole supplement. Their bodies are getting better, even in several cases, they have no problem lifting heavy weight.
  • Great Strength
    Enjoy the flowing power every time you do the physical training. Even after the cycle ends, the strength is still there and not withering immediately.


  • Balanced Diet
    You will not find calories in Crazy Bulk Anvarol ingredient label. It is designed that way, so the calories supply is limited. You must balance the diet, if you want to get the greatest result. Consuming poor diet might get you in trouble and less muscle mass.
  • Initial Effect
    It may not happen in all cases, but you might feel drowsy and wired in the first three to seven days. It is normal, as your body tries to keep up with the Crazy Bulk Anvarol alteration. Unless you are good at handling pain, this is quite disturbing.
  • Intense Workout
    The title “lean muscle” cannot come true when you don’t include specific training for certain body part. Since this term is not written on the label, many people miss it.

Price and Value

anvarol crazy bulk anavar One bottle of Anvarol costs 54.99 dollar. Open the bottle and you will get 90 capsules. It could be used up to 30 days, since you will gulp three capsules each day.

Remember that the normal cycle lasts for two months, or equal to 60 days. In rough calculation, you will need two bottles of the products.

In total, you need to prepare $109.98 for a full cycle, only relying on Anvarol. If you want to compare valid prices, you could check Anvarol at GNC, Amazon, Ebay or Walmart.

Compared to the other cutting agent supplements, this great hormone legal steroids could help either women or men. You can check it online on Crazybulk’s official website.

It shapes your muscle, composing layer by layer with pure, lean muscle. No need to worry about water retention side effect. You won’t experience it. The killer body you will get won’t be taken after you end the cycle.

Get your Anvarol now, and train your own hot muscle!

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